Valley Baptist Church believes strongly that the local church is to be involved in Great Commission of sharing the Gospel around the world.  As we grow as a church, we are committed to increasing our partnership with those serving around the world.  We believe that partnering is more than giving money, but is about developing and maintaining a deep relationship as they seek to fulfill God’s calling in their life.  Due to the sensitive nature of the work that our other missionaries are doing, we must remain silent about them online.  We can share about our other partnerships:

Locally we are partnered with alternatives womens center in Escondido.  This is a great ministry that exists to provide a medical environment that protects the rights to life of the preborn.  They provide guidance and alternatives to women in North Inland County who are considering abortion.  It is their prayer and goal to present the claims of Jesus Christ to each of their patients and families, as the Lord opens up opportunity.

Chiesa Logos Church in Florence Italy was started by Andrea Giorgi, a native Italian, who we partner with.  We are excited to see God move in the hearts of Italians through this vibrant church in a country where Christians account for less than 1% of the population.

Chris and Miheala Guess are serving in Romania.  Chris and Miheala returned to Romania in 2012 to focus on church planting and reaching the people of Romania with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Michael and Kelly Nicholls are serving with Wycliffe in Africa.  They live in Tanzania as Wycliffe Bible translators, working on 9 different languages with a team in the Mara region of Lake Victoria.

Chris Matthews is director of  Al Ándalus Theological Seminary in Sevilla, Spain.  The heart of the seminary is to reach and disciple Spaniards for the purpose of equipping the local church in a country where Evangelical Christians account for less than 1% of the population.